CAUTION !                    CAUTION !              CAUTION !

                              The following will affect the rest of your life, and then some.
                              Make your decision carefully.

                        COMMON SENSE THINKING

When man first started looking up he thought that the clouds were as high as
anything could be. Then he began to notice the moon and stars. Now we know that
space extends beyond even modern mans capabilities. That's thousands of light
years and who knows what is beyond that? Can your mind comprehend such a thing?

Let's bring this more down to earth with something a little smaller such as a hand-held calculator. It can calculate large numbers in less than a second. Can your mind really comprehend what is going on in the calculator? Probably not. But just because you can not understand what is going on doesn't mean that it can't be. It's taking place right before your eyes. It's the same with the computer. It performs millions of functions per second. You probably can't comprehend this but it happens right in front of you.

So basically what I am saying is that just because you can't comprehend something doesn't mean that it can't exist.

Many people say they don't believe in God because they can't comprehend a Supreme Being who created the universe and everything in it but here again it's right in front of you.

Look at this beautiful world. Look at the beautiful sunsets, the mountains and the ocean.

Look at the millions of forms of life there are in this world. Look at a small baby and listen to it laugh.

Look in a mirror. Do you think the life and soul in you came originally from a big bang somewhere in outer space? There can only be one answer. GOD You may not comprehend his existence but you can't deny it either.

. Believe in God and accept his Son Jesus Christ as your personal savior. It will not be a constant high in this world but it will be in the next.

Don't wait for special feelings before you accept Christ.  If you don't have those feelings now, they may come later. JUST ACCEPT CHRIST NOW!  That is the important thing.
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When you become a Christian, God doesn't expect you to be perfect from then on.  He knows that we are human and we will sin until the day we die.  He just wants you to believe in Him and accept His Son Jesus Christ as your personal savior.   Believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead.  Renounce your sins and try to do better in the future.

      Curiosity has brought you this far or has it been something else. I believe it has been a Divine Power that has brought you here. God works in mysterious ways and He is influencing your thoughts right now.  Please don't turn away now just because I mentioned God and you figure it's just another religious nut on the net.  What you decide now will affect how the rest of your life will be lived and where you will spend eternity.

     And just because you become a Christian doesn't mean you will be protected from all the bad things of this world.  Just look at Jesus life and what all He had to go through and He was perfect. Just know that what ever you face in life, from now on you will have God and Jesus there with you.

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